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Wedding in Croatia

Civil marriage, church wedding or personal ceremony

Wedding in Croatia 

The most beautiful thing about a wedding in Croatia is: Everything. Yes, everything! 
Some people wish a dream wedding in beautiful weather. In Switzerland, or Germany the probability is quite high that there is bad weather or even rain in summer.But if you have a wedding in Croatia, you can almost 100% expect to celebrate the day in bright sunshine and enjoy a balmy summer evening.
Other couples, appreciate the closeness to home. Most guests from Europe combine a wedding in Croatia with a holiday in the south. Arriving by car from Austria, Germany or Switzerland is in most cases no problem – or you can use one of the four major airports in Croatia, when traveling from afar. 
Also the culinary delights are an absolute plus on the “pro-wedding in Croatia”-list. Fresh truffles, delicious spices, braised lamb, freshly caught fish and all sorts of sweets for dessert make your mouth water. 
The list of reasons why a wedding in Croatia is always the right decision is truly long. Also the different possibilities of the wedding ceremony: Again here everything is possible! Civil marriage, church or free wedding.

So the question should rather be: Why not a wedding in Croatia?

The last question is: Where?



Private isle


Country estate





Civil marriage in Croatia 

A legally valid marriage is no problem at all – recognition in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is guaranteed when the correct papers are submitted. Most countries worldwide can also have the wedding legally valid. Many couples therefore wish for a civil wedding ceremony in the sunshine instead of a crowded appointment at home. Furthermore, the big advantage of a wedding in Croatia is that the registrar will be happy to go anywhere for you for a small fee. Whether on your private boat, on the island rented exclusively for you, or of course on the beach.
An important piece of information is that no wedding may be held without a translator. Of course we will accompany you and guide you relaxed to the planning jungle. As wedding planners in Croatia we know the procedures and can organize civil weddings for you quickly and easily.

Free ceremony in Croatia

The free wedding ceremony, as everywhere else, is often the most personal form of a wedding. The spoken words, the design and everything around it will be adapted to your wishes. Whether you want a rather cheerful or a very romantic wedding ceremony, or even a motto – you are free to decide. You will discuss all your ideas with your chosen wedding speaker. The wedding ceremony on your wedding day is, as we can confirm from years of experience, usually very emotional and always personal. Unfortunately, even in Croatia the free wedding ceremony is not an official act and therefore only an additional kind of celebration. A civil wedding in Croatia, or at home: there is no way around.

Church Wedding in Croatia

Croatia has countless churches: Small, fine ones in the interior, but also large, pompous churches in the cities – so the choice of the right wedding locations is huge. The good thing is that there are many German-speaking priests, so that in most cases nothing stands in the way of an emotional wedding ceremony without a translator. In Croatia, too, the so-called sovereign right applies – which means that a priest can decide for himself whether he wants to perform a wedding ceremony or not. But if you are both still active church members and have not left the church, there is actually no reason why he should not perform the wedding ceremony. In theory, you can even bring your favorite pastor from home. The question is, of course, whether he can find the time, but it is possible. 
For a church wedding in Croatia the “paperwork” looks quite similar to what you would do at home – so there is no reason not to get married in Croatia!


We gladly recommend a beautiful combination to our couples. The “legal part”, the civil wedding ceremony, should be one or two days before the big celebration. Maybe relaxed in the closest circle of family and best friends. Whether you want to do this at your hometown or in Croatia is of course up to you! This way you will have the legally valid wedding behind you and can enjoy the big, very individual wedding ceremony and celebration with all your friends and relatives. Whether a church wedding or a free wedding ceremony, that is of course up to your preferences! In any case, we do not recommend doing the civil wedding and the big celebration on the same day – regardless of whether you plan to do it at home or in Croatia!

Wedding in Croatia

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