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Which questions may we answer for you?


How does the planing work with you?

We cannot give a general answer to this question – as individual as our couples are, as individual are their plans. But what we can say for sure: first we get to know each other! Without any obligation and free of charge. In person, or also by video call. This way you have the opportunity to ask us all the questions and we can tell you directly more about us and the planning with us.

How much does it cost to plan a wedding with you?

We have designed planning packages for you, which we also present quite openly. Our planning starts already with less than one thousand Euro. Depending on your wishes and how much of the planning you would like to do yourself, we can offer you different planning packages. Of course we also make individual offers, if you like to mix services or if you need only a small part.

Are you a Wedding Day Coordinator at the wedding?

Of course! In fact, we always recommend that. Even if you have planned the wedding completely on your own, you will need someone to take responsibility on site. We have our English/Croatian speaking girls in Croatia or, if you wish, we have planning experts from Germany themselves. We will gladly make you an offer!

Do you also offer individual services without having to book a package?

Of course! No matter if you just need a location scout, the Wedding Day Coordinator, or a special service provider: just contact us!

How much can we determine ourselves in the planning?

In fact, a question we hear quite often. Our answer is with a smile: It is YOUR wedding! You must like it, not us! If you want to perform a ballet with “Highway to hell” as your opening dance, that’s up to you. Okay, maybe a bit over-the-top, but yes, it is. We are always there to advise you with our experience, recommend harmonious procedures, suitable service providers and highlights that underline your concept. But to answer the question: YOU decide how much co-determination WE have!

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